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Premium CBD Products

For Everyday Health Support

Our plant-based topical oil formulas are infused with CBD Nectar™ anchored with fractionated (MCT) coconut oil and a rich blend of jojoba and hemp seed oil then scented with organic essential oils for fragrance – Our creams are distinguished by adding organic shea butter. – Both products absorb quickly are non-psychoactive and are safe and easy to apply with no sticky residue or greasy feel.

Every product is science based, batch-numbered, third-party tested and consumer approved to ensure quality and consistency.

Available scented and unscented our products are vegan, gluten, and cruelty-free, with no chemicals or artificial additives. Packaged in BPA-free containers, our product philosophy embodies environmental sustainability throughout the farm to body life cycle.

Our award-winning full spectrum CBD Essentials line includes, CBD Recovery Cream, CBD Recovery Oils, CBD LIP Balm, salts and patches.

“My knees always hurt but when the winter comes they hurt more. I got a sample of the CBD Essentials Recovery Oil and it helped to reduce my knee pain where it’s not throbbing anymore.” — Paulette M.

Our oral tinctures are designed to support the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to help maintain and balance a healthy auto-immune and nervous system.

CBD activates the immune-boosting functions of the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Properly formulated tinctures can be highly effective at both reducing inflammation and strengthening immunity. What that means is, people who lead active lifestyles and use CBD Nectar™ tinctures as recommended can recover faster.

If you suffer from an acute condition or chronic symptoms and over the counter tinctures DO NOT deliver the results you expect, consider consulting with a cannabis therapy expert.

“I have only used topical cream in the past. I have more than a couple of areas that cause pain, and the CBD Nectar works 15-20 min. Amazing!!” — Darline Padilla

“Everyone deserves the medicine they need”, including our four-legged family members. Our beloved pets have the same endocannabinoid and suffer from the same injuries, symptoms, and illnesses as we do. Our pet formulas are designed to help reduce inflammation, stress, anxiety, pain and dry skin conditions and are safe and effective for all types of animals. Contrary to popular belief size may have little to do with dosing. Consult a cannabis therapy expert who specializes in CBD 4Pets.

The Daily Maintenance tincture is designed to help maintain overall balance and health and our Wellness tincture is designed to help with more chronic or acute levels of stress, anxiety, and pain. Micro-dosing is critical! CBD 4Pets tinctures can be easily dosed and increased or decreased to pinpoint the desired result.

CBD and coconut oil are both known to have antibacterial and antiviral properties. Combined they make a highly effective Recovery Oil & Skin Conditioner treatment for pet hot spots, post-surgical wounds and dry skin conditions.

“Our dog is like a child to us, he is 14 years old and has been fighting a heart condition as well as going blind. After speaking with Aryn we tried CBD 4Pets and it was like night and day.” — Ross

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