Key Personnel


Our Mission

To educate people about the responsible use of cannabis and its therapeutic benefits.

Founding Story

Cannaisseur Brands was founded by 9/11 first responder and stage IV cancer survivor, Aryn Sieber. As Aryn endured rigorous chemotherapy and radiation treatments, he turned to medicinal cannabis for relief. Using his own award winning cannabis flower and his extensive network of organic CBD growers and PhD Scientists, Aryn perfected his formulas and forged relations that led to the creation of the CannaCauses Foundation and his signature CBD product lines.

Six months after being diagnosed, Aryn’s cancer had miraculously disappeared and was told he was in complete remission. As a cannabis connoisseur and cancer survivor, Aryn launched Cannaisseur Brands and CBD Essentials. He now educates the general public and wellness professionals around the world about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and his surreal journey.

“Everyone deserves the medicine they need.”®

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Aryn Sieber

Founder and CEO

Aryn is a team builder with over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur and award-winning cannabis grower, Aryn created CBD Essentials and founded Cannaisseur Brands with the intention of introducing and educating wellness professionals on the therapeutic benefits of infused topicals. Together, with his “keep it real” philosophy Aryn advocates for those in need. and lobbies Local and Federal governments to observe States rights for legal medicinal cannabis. In that role Aryn sat on the National Cannabis Industry Association’s (NCIA) first Regulatory and Compliance Committee.

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Pat Sandt

Vice President

Pat is a marketing consultant who has provided marketing communication services to a wide array of businesses for over 25 years. Pat became an advocate for medicinal cannabis after seeing her friend Aryn go through his radiation and chemotherapy to combat his inoperable stage IV neck and throat cancer. He used the cannabis oils he formulated to coat his throat to help alleviate the pain, nausea, and anxiety he was experiencing as he underwent treatments. After celebrating his “complete remission,” Pat joined Aryn in his quest to raise the image and awareness of cannabis as a safe medicinal alternative and to take cannabis from a “in the shadows” medicine to one that women and baby boomers would be comfortable using on themselves and their family.

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Sherri Maher

VP of Operations

Sherri is a seasoned spa industry professional and joins Cannaisseur Brands with over 20 years of experience as a 5-star spa director in Las Vegas, NV. Her successes include overseeing the opening and ongoing operations of multiple world-class facilities including The Wynn Las Vegas, The Spa at Trump, and Well and Being at Red Rock Hotel and Spa. Her passion and expertise are combining ultimate luxury spa services with the most talented service providers in the field.

After developing a debilitating arthritic condition in her hands and arms, Sherri turned to CBD concentrates and topicals for pain relief as an alternative treatment to opioids and steroid injections. Thanks to CBD Essentials and CBD Nectar tinctures she is now pain free with full use of her arms and hands and spends time practicing yoga, kickboxing, and walks on the beach.