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CBD Nectar™

Full Spectrum & Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures by Cannaisseur Brands

CBD Nectar™ Tinctures

Daily wellness support
Support for active lifestyles
Pre/post exercise or sports activities
Travel aid

Our products are processed with the highest integrity, batch numbered and third party tested for potency, pesticides and heavy metals to ensure quality and consistency. Studies show CBD can work as an effective, natural aid for the relief of anxiety, inflammation, stress and a variety of skin conditions.

Our oral tinctures are designed to naturally balance the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a bodily system that directs and nurtures overall health. When CBD is used properly, like in our CBD Nectar™ tinctures, it binds with endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body and can have positive effects on both the immune and nervous systems.

Because CBD activates the immune-boosting functions of CB2 in the body, our Nectar oral tinctures are effective at both strengthening immunity and reducing inflammation. People who lead active lifestyles, such as athletes, hikers, surfers, and exercise enthusiasts, can benefit greatly from regular use of the tinctures. Our CBD Nectar™ targets the inflammation-related pain that comes from these activities, such as pain from injury or overuse.

The body contains endocannabinoid receptors in many locations, including the brain, connective tissue, and various organs. This allows our CBD Nectar™ formula to treat a variety of ailments, including those related to anxiety, diabetes, skin conditions, and chronic disease.