To CBD or Not to CBD?

October 1, 2020

To CBD or Not to CBD?

Why some CBD oil tinctures work better than others


How to choose a CBD tincture

With the passage of the 2018 Hemp Farm Bill, there has been tremendous hype and misinformation by players making unsubstantiated claims about their CBD products, further confusing those seeking the true therapeutic benefits of the plant. And if you believe CBD has become the greatest “natural medicinal discovery” of our time, “the cure-all for everything”, as some would have you believe, there lies the crux of the problem. Some of us are simply looking for that “sweet spot” taking the edge off without taking the edge off – meaning reducing or alleviating the symptom without getting high also known as, “micro-dosing”. Choosing the right CBD oil tincture to address specific heath conditions means one size doesn’t fit all. Understanding product potency, ratios, and dosing are critical to this process. In other words, knowledge has the power to heal, educate yourself. If you don’t know, consult a cannabis therapy expert like the CannaCauses Foundation.


What Are CBD Terpenes and Why Are They Important

CBD or (canna bi di’ol) is one of the most popular of the more than 400 potentially therapeutic cannabinoids or compounds found in the cannabis plant. CBD studies have shown that CBD is a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and can help suppress seizure. Terpenes are volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants, especially conifers, citrus trees and cannabis. And like cannabinoids, terpenes have a variety of therapeutic benefits. The highest concentrations of CBD are found in the hemp plant (<0.3% THC) that offers an abundance of the therapeutic compound know as CBD, but don’t underestimate the power of the other compounds and terpenes for those seeking physical and/or emotional benefits.

Full Spectrum CBD vs Broad Spectrum CBD

So why are product developers using processing terms like,

  • Full Spectrum (includes all of the plants native compounds)
  • Broad Spectrum” (THC processed out)
  • CBD isolate” (A single compound with all other compounds stripped out)
  • Hemp Seed Oil” (has real CBD value)

It is widely understood that many companies are branding products as “CBD” or “Hemp Oil” to mislead the unsuspecting to generate interest, demand and ultimately the sale.



What is the best CBD oil for me?

Ask yourself, what benefit am I looking for when using CBD? If it’s pain, spasticity, tremors, or migraines; higher ratios of THC may likely be needed, whereas if it’s anxiety, inflammation or recovery of aching muscles and joints, then a higher ratio of CBD may be the ticket. It also depends on the individual because one size does not fit all.

This is the primary reason so many “CBD” products are anecdotally inferior to others. Ingredients matter, read the label. For example, if “hemp seed oil” is used, there is literally no CBD benefit since hemp seed only contains 50 parts per million of CBD at best.

Therefore, there will be little to no therapeutic benefit from tinctures only containing hemp seed oil

CBD Recommendations, Consult an Expert

When researching for efficacious CBD products for aches, pains, anxiety or depression, limit your search to companies who provide non-bias cannabis therapy consultations or will refer you to a credible company who does. You are looking for companies who also have proven track records consulting with physicians, medical groups and patients.

Product recommendations, potencies, ratios and dosing instructions should be based on your individual needs. Quality CBD products should contain all natural ingredients, be lab produced, batch numbered, and third party tested for quality and consistency. In addition, consider companies that have a history of “paying it forward”. The individuals behind these types of companies are less likely to lose sight of their core principles and the mission set forth to guide their business.

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