Cannaisseur Times E-Newsletter Summer 2017

We are very excited to welcome you to our first newsletter. Cannaisseur Brands was established by 9/11 first responder and stage IV cancer survivor Aryn Sieber. Our mission is to help others realize the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

Message From the Cannaisseur in Chief

Dear  Valued Readers,

I am humbled and welcome the opportunity to help educate others about the responsible use of cannabis and its  medicinal benefits.

The Cannaisseur Times, is intended to be a reliable resource for those in need or for anyone seeking credible information  about everything cannabis.

From its ancient medicinal history to the current events of legalization we will demystify the stigma surrounding this “miracle plant” and unveil its therapeutic benefits through research and real life cases.

Together, we will seek the truth without resorting to bias or alternative facts. Our success depends on your constructive feedback. Good bad or indifferent we need to hear it all.

In closing,  a special  dedication  of this inaugural issue; to my dear  friend and fallen business partner,

L.A.F.D. Capt. Michael Reddy. Keeping it real, paying it forward.

“Everyone deserves  the medicine they need”

Product News

Cannaisseur Brands, based in Los Angeles, CA is launching Aryn’s Essentials, a line of revolutionary premium  CBD  topicals  that are non-psychoactive and have significant therapeutic benefits. Click below for  more details.

Cannaisseur Brands  Launches  Aryn’s Essentials!

Aryn’s Essentials was launched for the cannabis industry. Changes to this marketplace are constant… stay tuned as we keep up with industry trends

Education Center

As cannabis infused products are flooding the marketplace – from vape pens to edibles to topicals – it’s important to know the source of the cannabis used     in     products      that     you     consume Where Does Your  Cannabis Come From?

Featured Blog

Psoriasis is a painful, itchy and burdensome skin condition  affecting 7.5 million  Americans  today.  Up to 40 percent of people with psoriasis experience joint inflammation  that produces  symptoms of arthritis.

This condition is called psoriatic arthritis. Need Psoriasis Relief? Click here!


Latest Ruling  from  the DEA


From  the legal  news desk – DEA spokesperson Russ Baer told MASSAGE Magazine that CBD lotions, topical ointments and patches are exempt from controls under the Controlled Substances Act, while edible hemp-derived products are not. Read additional  details here

NCIA  Announcement

In our current political climate it’s important forCannnaisseur Brands to take a leadership role in advocating for the safe andresponsible use of cannabis.

We are pleased to announce that our founder and CEO,Aryn Sieber, has been selected to serve on the NCIA  Regulatory  and ComplianceCommittee (RCC).  Because of Aryn’s long standing commitment anddedication to uphold the integrity of the cannabis industry while preservingpatient rights, his expertise will be widely utilized.

In this new role, Aryn attended the 7th AnnualCannabis Lobby Days in Washington DC on May 16-17th  and was present at theNCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit which took place in Oakland on June12th.

We value the feedback of our community and will postupdates to keep you informed of the latest developments. If you have anyfeedback or a matter you would like to bring to the attention of the NCIA,please feel free to email us at info@cannaisseurbrands.

Keeping true to our motto , Aryn is keeping it realand paying it forward!   Congratulations Aryn!


Upcoming Events


Come see us at the IESCS in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center June 24-26 at the Wellness Pavillion  in booth  #424. Find out more about IESCS here.

Aryn will also be presenting an educational session on the benefits of cannabis infused topicals on Saturday June 24th from  3:00 – 5:00 pm  in Room  N116.  See here for additional details and to register.

Coming to your TV screen soon … stay tuned for an exciting short form documentary coming from Cannaisseur Brands in the fall

Cannaisseur Brands represents quality medicinal cannabis products as a result of using high quality natural ingredients grown in the United States and manufactured in laboratories located near our Southern California headquarters. Cannaisseur Brand products are 100% compliant with all state regulations (Prop 215 and Prop D). To order  products,  click here