Cannaisseur Times E-Newsletter Fall 2017

Welcome to our Fall 2017 issue!!

Cannaisseur Brands is dedicated to developing and producing quality therapeutic, cannabis infused products. Our products are lab produced and third party tested to ensure the highest quality and consistency. The company’s mission is to educate others about the responsible use of cannabis  and it’s medicinal benefits.

Message From the  Cannaisseur in Chief

August 25, 2017

Welcome back and hello to our new Cannaisseur family members. It’s my pleasure and privilege to address you again. I’m please to announce that Cannaisseur Brands rebranded Aryn’s Essentials and improved the packaging. Our non-psycho-active topical  line is know know as CBD Essentials.

In June,  we officially re-launched and became the first cannabis company to ever show at the International Esthetician Cosmetics & Spa Convention (IECSC) in Las Vegas. We presented a two-hour educational seminar and panel discussion titled “CBD Infused Products in the Spa Industry.” It was a HUUUGE success. The attendees actively participated in the post Q&A and inundated our booth after  the session. Don’t worry,  if you  missed us, we’ll be back at IECSC in NY, Chicago, and back in Las Vegas  in 2018.

On a separate note, I want to give a special thanks to everyone who has become a Cannaisseur advocate and is sharing our mission  with  those in need; to educate others about the responsible use of cannabis  and it’s medicinal  benefits.

In  appreciation  of your support ,we are now offering the following Friends & Family benefit for any referral;

Refer a friend or family member and get 10% off your next order and your referral will also get 10% off of their first order, just by mentioning your name. (To qualify for your discount your referral must complete and return our intake form and fulfill the order process). NOTE: Unlimited referrals but only one reward per order per referral.

On behalf of the Cannaisseur staff and the Compassionate Cannabis Community, we appreciate your continued support.

“Everyone deserves the medicine they need”

Aryn Sieber

Cannaisseur in Chief

Product News

Introducing CBD Nectar by Cannaisseur Brands Knowledge has the  power to heal..

Our non-psychoactive highly effective Tincture products  are made in  a variety  of  potencies  and ratios. CBD  and THC  levels  vary  among plant strains and individual grower techniques. By using selective breeding techniques,  some cannabis breeders have managed to create varieties with high level of CB and very low THC. These up and coming strains are rare but becoming more popular thanks to co-op growers  like Cannaisseur Brands.

Our highly effective tinctures are formulated in three potencies and provide therapeutic benefits from general wellness to relief for chronic neuropathic conditions related to; Multiple Sclerosis, Seizures, Pain, Inflammation…(learn more and access our product’s  page here)

Knowledge  Center


Meet Endo {aka The Endocannabinoid System) As a pioneer in the cannabis industry, Cannaisseur Brands goal is to educate others about cannabis and its medicinal benefits. A question on many people’s minds is why does CBD have such a positive reaction with our bodies? One explanation is the discovery of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that exists in each of our bodies. Click here to learn the role of the ECS and why CBD has such a positive impact on different aspects of our physical health …


Featured Blog

Save Your  Skin with CBD

Topical application of CBD (oil) creates a unique and positive interaction  with  the Endocannabinoid System  (ECS),  which controls and cares for your skin cells Click here to learn some incredible ways CBD can  aid in the improvement of the overall health  and appearance of your skin!

Upcoming Events

Sept 10 | 3:45 pm | Room103B – Join us when we put on an educational session on: “Cannabis Infused Products  in the Spa Industry … Know Your Source!”

Sept 10 – 11 — Visit us at the ICES Tradeshow – Long Beach  Convention Center

Try our  products  – Booth #728!! 


FRONT PAGE BROADCAST hosted by James Earl  Jones–  Airing in the fall. We were selected because they were looking for a knowledgeable company to

help them produce educational content about cannabis for PBS and their prime-time national TV series. The eight-minute segment will commence airing in September and will rotate in a loop with other educational  material  for one year. Front Page TV estimates our piece will play  in 50-60 million households during that time.

A one-minute segment (click here to view a sample segment) to view will be distributed via email to over  1 million opt-in  PBS subscribers.

Be on the lookout for a special edition of our E-Cannassieur Times with the airing timeframes for our national  and regional  airing schedules.

Cannaisseur Brands represents quality medicinal cannabis products as a result of using high quality natural ingredients grown in the United States and manufactured in laboratories located near our Southern California headquarters. Cannaisseur Brand products are 100% compliant with all state regulations (Prop 215 and Prop D). To order  products,  click here